2015 on the nutshell!

2015 is about to end,giving us all those memories that we won’t forget in our life time.The year was all to remember as us (Nepalese) and our country (Nepal) went through lot of hardships and bitterness.Can never forget the terror that nature brought for us.It aches my heart enough just to remember those innocent lives being buried upon there own house.The monuments that stood tall and proud,fell down in a seconds giving us the wrost of nightmares.Those days on tents, where we survived everyday with the tenson building us around that nature can strike back anytime. Well at least we learned how powerful the nature is-can give us peace and heart wrecks at the same time.
     2015 is the great year to realize that no one is ours.We have to help build our country ourselves. When our trustworthy neighbor stomp our trust into pieces,giving us the wrost of days to pass by. No fuel,No gas yet still we have our heads high and bowing down is not our thing.And I believe the coming year is all good and best for us.No doubt!
    Well besides all those nightmares, we all did had a great 2015 atleast at one period of time.Talking about me,I didn’t meet my resolutions (happens every year 😛) yet this year again but did had some memories that I would love to bring on the nutshell.That amazing family tour I had to Lumbini & Pokhara.I definetly was astounded by the beauty of my country and its a shame that it was my first time visiting these places.Urban life much 😒 I can also never forget my Mr&Miss Fresher’s 2015 experience.I didn’t won the title but definetly won the lifetime experiences and friendship.I met so many amazing peoples and learned a lot.I started my own youtube channel which is much of an achievement for me as it was something I always wanted to do.However its not any million subscribed perfect channels on internet,but definetly not a dream unanswered anymore.:)
      I would love to thank everyone who came in my life and decided to stay and be that support in my life.All I wish is an amazing 2016 where we won’t read any news of crisis and heartbreaks in the newspaper anymore.Praying for the happiness,peace and sanity all around the world.
      Happy News Year 2016!


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