Welcome to my life

Hello everyone,

I am Akansha.I am 19 and I am currently doing my Bachelors in Business Administrative.Yes,I am surrounded by Maths & Accounts every single day,probably till the end.The wrost part of it is that I am terible at Maths,but I had no choice and had to take this satan as my major.Hats off to me! πŸ˜‰

I hate school,studying and everything related to it.Why life has to be that serious ehh??Well beside studies I love everything fun,exciting and thriling.For me fun means to listen to JB(Yah you got it,Justin Bieber)Β on a full volume or take a nap, exciting means watch some K-dramas or ‘Mean girls’ for over 1000 times in general and Thrilling for me is football matches.Cant miss out those hearthombing football season and to see Ronaldo play.And by Ronaldo,I meant Cristiano Ronaldo. πŸ˜‰

Being an introvert I have made a small word as my comfort zone-that is INTERNET! I recently started my Youtube Channel,and yes I did thought over million times if I should or not cause probably you get hate especially for something you post on internet.But you get hate anyways so I decided to go for it πŸ™‚ Subscribe to my channel if you want too,It will mean a world to me.

Overall,I am quite a simple not so outgoing teenage girl who loves to doll up,wear makeup and look pretty,drink coffee and boost those cafine level and fangirl over those cute looking male celeb ;p With a full of insecurities and not-so-perfect life,I still choose to share my life with you all .

Welcome To My Life! ❀


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